Serious Pie



1124 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 923.8012

Reservations? Walk-ins welcome! For large party reservations please give us a ring at 206.923.8012


  • 11am-9pm Sunday - Thursday
  • 11am - 10pm Friday, Saturday
  • Happy Hour 3pm-5pm Monday - Friday



People sure do love pizza! We built our first Serious Pie in 2006 in downtown Seattle, right behind our flagship restaurant, the Dahlia Lounge. Our quality control team baked boatloads of trial recipes trying to get to our distinctive take on pizza. The goal was to coax some real magic out of the yeast and flour fermentation process. The resulting recipe requires a cold 3-day process that produces a crust with loft, crunch and an intoxicating bready aroma. Our customers responded with enthusiasm and Serious Pie Virginia had long wait lines every day.

In 2011 we added a 2nd Serious Pie location in developing South Lake Union. The Westlake Pie was big enough to allow us to add breakfast biscuits and a big bar. It soon grew to be as busy as the first one. In 2013 we got a call from Starbucks, telling us about an innovative roasting plant they were planning to build on Capitol Hill. Mr. Schultz has been a long time fan of Serious Pie and asked if we would consider putting one in the gorgeous historic building they were renovating . Our answer was an unequivocal YES!

So now with our third Serious Pie we continue our quest for over-the-top delicious pizza. In addition to the signature crust the toppings get great attention from our chef, Tony Catini. Veggies are prepped in our apple wood ovens. House cured meats are aged with care. Each cheese is timed for addition based on its moisture content. It is called serious Pie for a very good reason.