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Cuoco's Lasagna Dinner Box

November 18, 2020 until November 22, 2020

One of the most requested items that we receive from our guests is the beloved lasagna from Cuoco. The seven layers of fresh pasta, creamy Bolognese and besciamella, topped with the perfect layer of fresh parmesan, all on a bed of delicious tomato sauce. As we gear up for the big eating holiday, we figured this week would be a perfect time to get a jump start on those comfort food cravings and create a Cuoco Lasagna Dinner Box for two! You’ll start off with our classic Caesar salad with crispy chickpeas, complete with our house made garlic focaccia bread with sea salt. As you enjoy the lasagna, we’ll have roasted brussels sprouts with pine nut butter on the side, along with a bright salad of Boconcinni (small mozzarella balls) with peppers and white beans. For dessert, our pastry team has brought back the delectable Cuoco tiramisu with layered coffee-dipped ladyfingers and lightly sweetened whipped cream and mascarpone. With this dinner box, you’ll be transported back to your favorite trip to Italy – or better yet, your last visit to our wonderful Cuoco restaurant.

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