Serious Pie


Pizza Hours
11am-10pm (Sunday-Thursday)
11am-11pm (Friday and Saturday)
Happy Hour
3-5pm (Monday-Friday)

About Serious Pie

Serious Pie, a pizzeria with a bread baker's soul, serves up pies with blistered crusts, lightly textured with just enough structure and bite. Our attentiveness to each pizza, in the 600 degree stone-encased apple wood burning oven built by our friends from Woodstone in Bellingham, Washington, preserves the character of our house made charcuterie, local produce and artisan cheeses from around the world.

Our dough is hand-crafted through a multiple day process which gives it the complexity and depth that has helped us sustain a cult-like following for the past decade. One of our most popular pizzas, the roasted seasonal mushroom, utilizes the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. We lightly roast seasonal foraged mushrooms such as golden chanterelles and black trumpet and top them with a velvety layer of a sottocenere truffle cheese. All of our pizzas are finished with a drizzle of California olive oil, a sprinkling of murray river pink flake salt, and fresh cut herbs, typically from our own farm in Prosser, Washington.

    A 20 % service charge is included on each check. The entirety of this service charge is retained by the company. The funds collected are distributed to our valued service team in the forms of commissions, revenue share and benefits. We are required by law to collect tax on the service charge. Thank you for dining with us, we appreciate it.